The Taecho Group is a collection of artists and communicators who believe in building beautifully designed web applications and tools for businesses.

When Taecho Group started in 2011, we really wanted to build a company that was bigger than any one person. We wanted to take on bigger projects, showcase big ideas and keep our eyes out for that next big thing.

Every brand we build is conceived from the top down, and built from the bottom up. Though our execution each of our products should be the most pure expression of its purpose. Audience, focus and discipline all play a role in the products we produce.

We believe in supporting our community. We believe in open source. We believe that the power of an idea can travel further than the spoken or digital word. We want to give thought and life to brands, companies and causes.

We’ve grown slowly and organically. We are not a startup, we’re not looking for funding and we’re not looking to be acquired. Our company is our exit strategy. This is our end game.

We believe that the best partnerships are formed out of collaborative environments. While our projects range in size, we like to work with companies interested in establishing lasting relationships.

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In the background: Our work with Kerbey Lane Cafe

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Stop deploying websites the hard way

Every time I now deploy a change to a website I’m reminded of how crude our origins of the web actually are. The idea of developers still making edits using command line (VIM etc.) or FTP makes my skin crawl.

I can remember a time not that long ago, working side by side with my development partner, asking “Are you in this file?” and “When was the last time we backed this up?”. The usual answers included “No, I’m working in X” or “I think we backed it up sometime last week?”.